The Program for Experimental Atmospheres and Climate (PÉAC: which means ‘to sprout’ in Irish) comprises a suite of eight CONVIRON BDW40 walk-in and seven CONVIRON BDR16 reach-in plant growth rooms with full monitoring and control of climatic and atmospheric conditions. The facility comprises over 40 m2 of growth space and can concurrently control atmospheric CO2 (200 to 2000 ppmV), O2 (9 to 23.5%) and SO2 (200 to 2000 ppbV) to within 10ppmV, 0.1% and 100 ppb respectively of set point. Chamber temperature (-5 to 40ºC), relative humidity (35 to 90%), light intensity (300 to 1100 μmol) and photoperiod are also all tightly controlled to set point conditions.

The PÉAC facility enables researchers within the UCD Plant science cluster to undertake both long-term and short-term investigation of the ecophysiological, morphological and anatomical responses to any simulated past or future climatic and/or atmospheric scenario under rigorously controlled experimental conditions.